4 Sale

Updated: 26th of Feb 2017

Here I have some Lisa duplicates 4 Sale.

Shipping cost not included. Items can be picked up in the Stockholm area, or send by mail.

Send me a message using [Contact] and tell me what you want to buy...


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ID Title Type Tracks Info Country Cover/CD Price SEK/€
L073Acceptable LossesCD2CD SingleGERNM/NM29:-/3€
L097Botten Blir Topp New!CD1Promotional CD SingleSWEEX+/NM29:-/3€
L003ChangesCD12CD Album - Promotional ReleaseDKEX/NM149:-/15€
L075ChangesCD12CD Album - Autographed by LisaGERNM/NM199:-/20€
L098Driving One Of Your Cars New!CD4CD Single (v1a)GERNM/NM29:-/3€
L094Driving One Of Your CarsCD3US Promo CD SingleUSNM/NM89:-/9€
L004Driving One Of Your CarsCD2CD Single (v1a)SWEEX/NM29:-/3€
L062Driving One Of Your CarsCD2CD Single (v1b)SWEVG+/EX19:-/2€
L096Entre Humains (What if) New!CD2CD Single (sealed & without video track)?M/M49:-/5€
L006Falling WaterCD12Promotional Album Release v1UKEX/EX149:-/15€
L068Falling Water - Album SamplerCD55-Track Promotional ReleaseGEREX/NM79:-/8€
L093Lady StardustCD1CD Single - Promotional ReleaseSWENM/NM99:-/10€
L084Lady StardustCD1CD Single - Promotional Release UK v1UKEX+/EX+49:-/5€
L076Lady StardustCD2CD Single (v1a)GEREX/NM19:-/2€
L060Lady StardustCD2CD Single (v1b)GEREX+/NM19:-/2€
L074MaryCD2CD SingleGERNM/NM29:-/3€
L022MaryCD1CD Single - Promo, sticker on the frontGERNM/NM49:-/5€
L092Pärlor Av PlastCD17CD Album - SoundtrackGERNM/NM79:-/8€
L048Pärlor Av PlastCD1CD Single - Rare Promo ReleaseGEREX/NM199:-/20€
L095QuietlyCD2CD SingleSWEEX/NM29:-/3€
L091S/TCD13Debute Album - Promo box (with obi stripe)SWENM/NM249:-/25€
L081S/TCD13Debute Album - US Promo v1 - AdvanceUSNM/NM149:-/15€
L090Silver Shoes (acoustic version)CD1CD Single - PromoAUS-/M149:-/15€
L089Still AliveCD6CD Single - Promotional ReleaseUK-/NM39:-/4€
L063Still AliveCD6CD Single - Promotional ReleaseUSNM/NM59:-/6€
L017Still AliveCD3CD Single - Promotional ReleaseAUSEX+/EX+79:-/8€
L072Violent SkyCD10CD Album - Autographed by LisaAUSM/M199:-/20€
L064What If (New Version)CD1CD Single - Promo Release (no info folder)GERNM/NM59:-/6€
L018What IfCD2CD Single (v1b)SWEEX/EX19:-/2€
L045What IfCD3CD Single - 3-tracks + videoSWENM/NM29:-/3€
L083What IfCD14Universal Promo - singles autumn2011SWEEX/VG+29:-/3€

Other stuff:

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ID Item Info Condition Price SEK/€
L040Newspaper ClipAutographedM79:-/8€
L087Changes Promo PosterPoster 70x50cmEX+129:-/13€

Shipping costs:
CDS in cardboard/slimcase or CD without jewelcase : 15 SEK (within SWE) / 3,5€ (Outside SWE)
CD in jewelcase : 30 SEK (within SWE) / 3,5€ (Outside SWE)
Shipping discount if ordering more than one item (actual shiping cost)

Refund of part of shipping cost if less than expected.
Payment : Bank, Paypal, Swish or Cash.
No checks or money orders.