Digital releases not found on any CD

Updated: 25th of Apr 2019

These are the known digitally released songs of Lisa Miskovsky not found on any physical media.

Song Length Media Bitrate Size Origin
A Brand New Day (Live)3:58MP3VBR5237kbAmazon UK
Give A Little Bit (Live)3:44MP3VBR5254kbAmazon UK
Got A Friend (Acoustic Version)4:18MP3183kbps5769kbmp3poty
Lady Stardust (Live)4:33MP3VBR5832kbAmazon UK
Lover (Acoustic Version)3:46MP3128kbps3545kbSony Music Swe
Run for cover (Radio Edit) New!4:22MP3320kbps10802kbDespotz Records
Sing To Me (Live)5:08MP3VBR7686kbAmazon UK
Still Alive (Original Game Version)4:34MP3VBR9050kbAmazon UK
Still Alive (Instrumental)4:28MP3VBR9067kbAmazon UK
Still Alive (Acapella)4:22MP3320kbps10272kb-
We Want To Be Loved3:15MP3320kbps7657kbMusikshopen GP